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somewhere between the heart and the vein

[ revolt becomes the blood's refrain ]

The Electric Mouse
6 January
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to meld our bones to the earth again

Greetings! This is where resident fangirl, Desiree, pulls random thoughts from her mental house of cards and preserves them on the internets. Fangirlish propaganda and the usual everyday wangst abound. As for battle stats, she is a 23 year old Photovoltaics & Solar Energy Engineering and Mathematics student from Australia. A textbook INTP, a bit too whimsical to be a Capricorn, and extremely shy and socially awkward in real life. She tends to spend more time with books than people, but she cares very much for her friends :3

She enjoys coffee, reading, drawing, world domination and procrastinating on the above.

Falls especially hard for morally ambiguous villains, scars, tragic emo pasts, rampant symbolism and hateships ;o; Here are a few favourite things!

ANIMANGA: Angel Sanctuary · Code Geass · Digimon 02 · Flame of Recca · Gankutsuou · Gundam series · Hikari no Pansy · Katekyo Hitman Reborn! · Kaze no Shichiseiken · Naruto · Neon Genesis Evangelion · Ouran · Princess Tutu · Rurouni Kenshin · Shoujo Kakumei Utena · Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann · Vision of Escaflowne · Avatar (yeah, it's not anime, but it's pure awesome)

BOOKS: Discworld · The First Law · Gentlemen Bastard Sequence · Harry Potter · Kingkiller Chronicle · Lord of the Rings · The Neverending Story · A Song of Ice and Fire · Tithe · Tortall series · The Wheel of Time · Wicked · anything by Neil Gaiman and Oscar Wilde · too many classics and general literature to list D:

CHARACTERS: Adrian Veidt · Agent Sands · Anakin Skywalker · Android 17 · Asmodean · Folken Fanel · Hiryuu · Itachi Uchiha · Jaime Lannister · James Norrington · Ken Ichijouji · Kurei · Lelouch Lamperouge · Mukuro Rokudo · Rath Roiben Rye · Rossiu Adai · Sasuke Uchiha · Severus Snape · Wirald du Bois · Zechs Merquise · Zuko

MUSIC: AFI · A Perfect Circle · Apocalyptica · Beethoven · Blackmore’s Night · Chopin · +D’espairsRay+ · Dir en grey · Do As Infinity · The Dresden Dolls · Gackt · L'arc~en~ciel · Malice Mizer · Nightwish · Nine Inch Nails · Patrick Wolf · Pierrot · Placebo · Rachmaninov · The Red Paintings · RURUTIA · Savage Garden · Something Corporate · Tchaikovsky · ThouShaltNot · T.M. Revolution · Tori Amos · VAST · Vienna Teng · VNV Nation · Voltaire

This journal is friends-only just for privacy's sake, but you are more than welcome to introduce yourself and I will most likely friend you back -- finding friends to ramble and rant with is always a good thing :D

"But I am sorry, there is no such thing as inhumanity. There is only humanity and more humanity."
-- The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell

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